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There are not many downloads here yet, but I will be periodically updating this page. 


Fujitsu COBOL version of the program I used against the source code in my book, Teach Yourself COBOL in 24 Hours, to make the code look "Pretty".


CA-Realia Version of the same program.


CA-Realia Windows 16 bit and COBOL Sp2 program. Converts a "Line Sequential" file to a fixed length file - so MicroFocus users can change the select from Line Sequential to Record Sequential and process files with characters which have a hex value < X"20".

BUG FIX: **12/01/98** - Corrected a problem where stray X"0D" characters were being erroneously deleted. Corrected a problem when X"0D0A" delimiter was padding with an erroneous number of spaces. Program was creating an extra blank record - corrected.


This file contains examples of COBOL Winsock client and server programs, and should be sufficient to assist you in developing COBOL programs that inteface with the Windows Winsock API. The original programs were written in MicroFocus COBOL by Dave Maxwell. I have included my port of these programs to the Fujitsu compiler. See the readme for more details.

Update: 02/03/2000 - Tony Riddle has been kind enough to let me include his rewrite of the server, showing dynamic calls to the API from MicroFocus COBOL.

Update: 08/23/2006 - Peter Koch has been kind enough to create an AcuCOBOL version


This program illustrates turning numbers into english text. For example, if 1,325,252 is entered, it will report One Million Three Hundred TwentyFive Thousand Two Hundred FiftyTwo.