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Welcome to the All Things COBOL webring Page. This is the place to be if you wish to add your site to the All Things COBOL webring.

What is a webring? A webring is a method that allows related sites to link together. Visitors of one COBOL site can use the Webring to link directly to another COBOL site. This is an excellent way for each COBOL related website to increase it's traffic with interested visitors.

The Rules for the All Things COBOL webring are simple. If your site is related to COBOL, it can become part of the ring. Only two things are prohibited. First, Job search or recruitment sites are not allowed. Secondly, links directly to resumes are not allowed. That is not to say you cannot post your resume on your site, but it cannot be on the page where the Webring links the visitor.

The specific page that you link to must have the All Things COBOL webring HTML code on it, so that visitors can proceed easily to other All Things COBOL websites. When on your page, it will look similar to the Webring Navigation area below. In order to participate, you must include this console.

After you register to have your site added, you will receive an automated e-mail from the Webring. This e-mail will contain an HTML link to the actual HTML code you are to include.

This All Things COBOL site is owned by Thane Hubbell

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